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Czech Republic

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Tomáš Obermaier, Founder and Executive
tel.: 00420 603 807 809

Journey to the Sun School – dokumentary movie, 2009

The documentary film directed by Tomas Obermaier was premiered at Svetozor Cinema in Prague on November 12th, 2009. The movie offers an insight into life in the Indian part of Himalayas. It shows viewers the local culture, untamed nature and an unique Czech project - the ecological Sun School in Kargyak - situated 4200 m.s.l.

Sloupy Praha - festival

The Sloupy Praha 2008 festival was realised on November 22nd, 2008 as its first year of happening. With the support of the City of Prague council, six street lamp- posts were decorated by known Czech artists. You could enjoy their new design for a whole year long. As a reminder www.sloupypraha.cz.

Preparation of the first annual festival of Sloupy Praha will begin next year. You can send your creative ideas and sign them into a public contest. Two hundred of the best designs will then be selected and used to decorate Prague’s lamp- posts on various Prague locations.

Pípí Pápá - a bedtime story

The original animated bedtime story series “Pipi Papa” made to entertain both children and adults is being created by director Zdenek Vacek. Click here for a short preview of the work in process.